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Cattle Carrier

The company being native to the Emsland has got in this field of production longstanding experience within the framework of constructing and manufacturing especially for this purpose designed superstructures.

For transportation of living cattle, today there are strict legal regulations existing which have to be respected already at the time of constructing special vehicles. Sanitation, security as well as provision of fresh air and water to the cattle have to be granted with carriers and therefore demand a great deal of quality and execution to the superstructure.

Stehmann Fahrzeugbau produces superstructures as well as trailers for transportation of pigs, calves, cows and horses.

In order to ensure ideal conditions during the transport, the vehicle or the trailer are equipped in top-quality and have available every necessary facility, from a drinking trough to a heating installation. Well-thought-out details, perfect manual handling with superior materials and the decades of experience in special superstructures for transporting cattle make Stehmann Fahrzeugbau a competent contact for this sophisticated field of products.

That way a safe, economic and species-appropriate transport can be assured.

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